Have you got an essay due, and are you aiming for high marks? While there are specific important rules you should follow while writing an essay, there are many that you should never do, some of which are mentioned in this article. If you wish to write the best essay of your lifetime, follow these points carefully.

Forming a vague structure

The structure of an essay, no matter how basic, is one of the critical aspects of curating good content. One of the general things students need to correct is choosing a broad topic. However, this can complicate the research part and prevent you from answering the critical problem statement. So, selecting a minor topic and gathering quality information on this small topic is best.

Trying too hard to sound formal

academic essays.

We have seen many students use complicated words and unnecessary jargon, which can confuse the readers entirely off topic and confuse them. Students often make it too complicated, which leaves the reader confused and irritated. The best way to avoid this mistake is to form short sentences that make sense in the first read. Try to sound academic. Let your content do the job.

Need to gather information from reliable sources

Nowadays, students rely on the first thing they see on the Internet and include them in their academic essays. While it is a shortcut that can get your job done faster, most of this information is derived from something other than credible sources. Therefore, it is preferable to refer to case studies, books, and other valuable references to gather information for your essay, especially if your efforts reflect your GPA.

Forgetting to quote references

Citation is one of the most important aspects of writing formal content, especially for academic purposes. If you remember to quote your references, your reader and mentor might understand plagiarized content. Hence, always make it a point to cite your references, no matter how small they are.

Using slang

Slang is generally used in creative writing essays, requiring students to use a casual tone. While some amount of slang is permitted, going overboard will spoil the impression of your paper, and the information in it can lose credibility.

Failing to proofread


Proofreading is as important as writing an essay. If you are going to submit your essay with mistakes, no matter how silly, you might as well keep it to yourself. Make it a point to review your work twice after each correction.

Failing to research

Essay writing, especially for academic purposes, requires research from different sources. It can be easily visible to the reader if more research is needed into your work. Here’s a pro tip – if you research your topic enough, you will gather enough content to sound both professional and academic. By studying from credible sites, you will avoid most of the mistakes mentioned above in this article.

7 Things To Avoid While Writing an Essay